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Now is a good time to start Abhyanga.
Abhyanga is massaging your entire body, and if possible your head, with a good quality, well chosen herbal oil after you wake up. We recommend using separate oils for the head and body with different set of herbs for best effect. The massage is done in a brisk and energetic manner, with the objective being of waking up the body, stimulating heat and allowing the herbal oil to penetrate, and then after 15 minutes, washing of the oil in a warm (not to hor) shower.

Abhyangam aacharet nityam sa jaraa shramavaataha 
Drushti prasaada pushti aayu susvapna twak daardhyakrut

Translated as:
Abhyanga should be done by everyone, everyday, especially old aged and tired people. It improves eye sight, nourishes muscles, and improves age (life expectancy) and skin complexion. – Ashtanga Samgraha Sutrasthana.

For true lasting, benefits you need to practice the Abhyanga week after week for atleast 2 – 3 months.

General Health benefits of doing an abhyanga:

  1. Reduction in muscle fatigue, tiredness, and daily exhaustion
  2. Reduction in insomnia, inability to sleep
  3. Improvement in digestive ability – reduced wind, reduced feeling of constipation, reduced feeling of incomplete bowel movements
  4. Better mental sharpness and clarity – you can go on longer without feeling tired, fatigued or irritable
  5. Better skin and hair health due to reduction in excess vata dosha – skin health improves almost immediately; hair health improves after a month of regular abhyangas (depending on extent of vata imbalance)

The importance of the Abhyanga for good health:
We have shared many reasons why an abhyanga is considered an essential “Dinacharya” – a practice to be done every single day for god health. Most of us are not able to find the time to do an Abhyanga every day, so suggested a 1 time weekly Abhyanga as well.

Now is also a good time to start with a natural Vitamine D, coming from a natural source. We recommend PRL pure vegan 12,6 ml 15,40 € or 30 caps D3+K2 49,95 € available at our boutique.

Complete your beauty routine

Huile de Beauté € 48
Dry oil for body and hair with Edelweiss and Petit-grain

Bain Serenite a la Melisse € 24
Relaxing bath oil with mountain plants

Baume des Montagnes € 26
SOS restorative face & body balm with essential oils

Gommage Corps Cristaux de Neige € 48
Softening body scrub with Arctic berries and Malachite

Lait de Corps Velours de Neige € 46
Velvety milk for the moisturizing and invigorating body with Edelweiss and minerals 

Secret de Alpes € 20
Restorative and nourishing hand cream with Edelweiss and arnica

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